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Globally F-regular type of moduli spaces

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Mathematische Annalen Aims and scope Submit manuscript


We prove that moduli spaces of semistable parabolic bundles and generalized parabolic sheaves with fixed determinant on a smooth projective curve are of globally F-regular type.

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Xiaotao Sun would like to thank C. S. Seshadri for a number of emails of discussions about Lemma 2.9, and he also would like to thank K. Schwede and K. E. Smith for discussions (by emails) of globally F-regular type varieties.

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Correspondence to Xiaotao Sun.

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Communicated by Vasudevan Srinivas.

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Both authors are supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China No.11831013 and No.11921001; Mingshuo Zhou is also supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China No.11501154.

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