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V-shaped fronts around an obstacle


In this paper, we investigate V-shaped fronts around an obstacle K. We first prove that there exist solutions emanating from any homogeneous transition front including V-shaped front for exterior domains \(\varOmega ={\mathbb {R}}^N{\setminus } K\). By providing the complete propagation of the V-shaped front, we prove that the V-shaped front can recover after passing the obstacle.

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  1. The obstacle K is called star-shaped if either \(K=\emptyset \) or there is x in the interior \(\mathrm {Int}(K)\) of K such that \(x+t(y-x)\in \mathrm {Int}(K)\) for all \(y\in \partial K\) and \(t\in [0,1)\).

  2. The obstacle K is called directionally convex with respect to a hyperplane \(H=\{x\in {\mathbb {R}}^N: x\cdot e=a\}\), with \(e\in \mathbb {S}^{N-1}\) and \(a\in {\mathbb {R}}\), if for every line \(\varSigma \) parallel to e, the set \(K\cap \varSigma \) is either a single line segment or empty and if \(K\cap H\) is equal to the orthogonal projection of K onto H.


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Research partially supported by National Science Foundation (grant no. DMS-1514752). The authors are grateful to the anonymous referees for interesting comments which led to an improvement of the article.

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