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Stability of rank 2 vector bundles along isomonodromic deformations


We are interested in the stability of holomorphic rank 2 vector bundles of degree 0 over compact Riemann surfaces, which are provided with irreducible meromophic tracefree connections. In the case of a logarithmic connection on the Riemann sphere, such a vector bundle will be trivial up to the isomonodromic deformation associated to a small move of the poles, according to a result of A. Bolibruch. In the general case of meromorphic connections over Riemann surfaces of arbitrary genus, we prove that the vector bundle will be semi-stable, up to a small isomonodromic deformation. More precisely, the vector bundle underlying the universal isomonodromic deformation is generically semi-stable along the deformation, and even maximally stable. For curves of genus g ≥ 2, this result is non-trivial even in the case of non-singular connections.

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