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Nonlinear and Linear Elastodynamic Transformation Cloaking

  • Arash YavariEmail author
  • Ashkan Golgoon


In this paper we formulate the problems of nonlinear and linear elastodynamic transformation cloaking in a geometric framework. In particular, it is noted that a cloaking transformation is neither a spatial nor a referential change of frame (coordinates); a cloaking transformation maps the boundary-value problem of an isotropic and homogeneous elastic body (virtual problem) to that of an anisotropic and inhomogeneous elastic body with a hole surrounded by a cloak that is to be designed (physical problem). The virtual body has a desired mechanical response while the physical body is designed to mimic the same response outside the cloak using a cloaking transformation. We show that nonlinear elastodynamic transformation cloaking is not possible while nonlinear elastostatic transformation cloaking may be possible for special deformations, e.g., radial deformations in a body with either a cylindrical or a spherical cavity. In the case of classical linear elastodynamics, in agreement with the previous observations in the literature, we show that the elastic constants in the cloak are not fully symmetric; they do not possess the minor symmetries. We prove that elastodynamic transformation cloaking is not possible regardless of the shape of the hole and the cloak. It is shown that the small-on-large theory, i.e., linearized elasticity with respect to a pre-stressed configuration, does not allow for transformation cloaking either. However, elastodynamic cloaking of a cylindrical hole is possible for in-plane deformations while it is not possible for anti-plane deformations. We next show that for a cavity of any shape elastodynamic transformation cloaking cannot be achieved for linear gradient elastic solids; similar to classical linear elasticity the balance of angular momentum is the obstruction to transformation cloaking. We finally prove that transformation cloaking is not possible for linear elastic generalized Cosserat solids in dimension two for any shape of the hole and the cloak. In particular, in dimension two transformation cloaking cannot be achieved in linear Cosserat elasticity. We show that transformation cloaking for a spherical cavity covered by a spherical cloak is not possible in the setting of linear elastic generalized Cosserat elasticity. We conjecture that this result is true for a cavity of any shape. It should be emphasized that in this paper we do not consider the so-called metamaterials [70, 72].



This research was supported by ARO W911NF-16-1-0064 and ARO W911NF-18-1-0003 (Dr. David Stepp).


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