Until recently, the editors of the Archives of Toxicology did not think that a satirical section had a place among the pages of a serious scientific journal. However, our opinions were immediately and unanimously altered upon receiving the exceptional contribution of I. M. Portant and R. E. Sults from Awkward Medical School (Portant and Sults 2019). The formalities were taken care of posthaste, and we are now pleased to announce the start of a new section in our journal that provides a platform for distinguished toxicologists to share their opinions and wisdom—even making use of the age-old art form of satire. One formal requirement is that the authors inform us if and when their real names may be revealed, e.g. after retirement, or as requested in the present case, after the passing of the distinguished authors. The outstanding contribution of I. M. Portant and R. E. Sults is a must-read, not only for experts in the field of endocrine disruption, but for all of us who relentlessly pursue scientific truth in our areas of research. Enjoy.