Erratum to: Arch Toxicol DOI 10.1007/s00204-013-1029-1

Unfortunately, there are some mistakes in the original publication of the article:

  1. (i)

    The correct version of the last sentence of the abstract is “Since genotoxic effects are in general linear over a wide concentration range and the exposure levels may be higher in epithelial cells than in serum, further experimental work is required to find out whether DNA damage takes place in drug users”.

  2. (ii)

    In Table 1, the forth cannabinoid compound should be JWH-073 (not JWH-018), and in Fig. 5 the unit of the x-axis is μM not M.

  3. (iii)

    In the discussion section, it should be stated that “Teske et al. (2010) found after consumption of a cigarette containing 3.6 mg, 5 min after consumption, a level of 30 nM with the former drug, in the case of JWH-122, concentrations up to 650 nM were measured in some individuals (Kneisel and Auwärter 2012). These concentrations are two to three orders of magnitude lower than those which were required to cause toxic effects in the human-derived cell lines which we used in the present study”.