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Genome sequences of two Antarctic strains of Pseudomonas prosekii: insights into adaptation to extreme conditions


Pseudomonas prosekii is a recently described species isolated exclusively from James Ross Island close to the Antarctic Peninsula at 64° south latitude. Here, we present two P. prosekii genome sequences and their analyses with respect to phylogeny, low temperature adaptation, and potential biotechnological applications. The genome of P. prosekii P2406 comprised 5,896,482 bp and 5324 genes (GC content of 59.71%); the genome of P. prosekii P2673 consisted of 6,087,670 bp and 5511 genes (GC content of 59.50%). Whole genome sequence comparisons confirmed a close relationship between both investigated strains and strain P. prosekii LMG 26867T. Gene mining revealed the presence of genes involved in stress response, genes encoding cold shock proteins, oxidative stress proteins, osmoregulation proteins, genes for the synthesis of protection molecules, and siderophores. Comparative genome analysis of P. prosekii and P. aeruginosa PAO1 highlighted differences in genome content between extremophile species and a mesophilic opportunistic pathogen.

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This work was partly supported by the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic (GA16-21649S) to DŠ. DČ was supported by RVO0518 of the Czech Ministry of Agriculture. We thank the infrastructure of the J.G. Mendel Czech Antarctic Station (supported by the MEYS CR, Project LM2015078 CzechPolar2) and the Core Facility Genomics of CEITEC supported by the NCMG research infrastructure (LM2015091 funded by MEYS CR) for their support with obtaining the scientific data presented in this paper.

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Snopková, K., Čejková, D., Dufková, K. et al. Genome sequences of two Antarctic strains of Pseudomonas prosekii: insights into adaptation to extreme conditions. Arch Microbiol 202, 447–454 (2020).

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  • Pseudomonas prosekii
  • Extremophile
  • Psychrotolerant
  • Cold adaptation
  • James Ross Island
  • Antarctica