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Consumption choice and asset pricing with a non-price-taking agent


This paper develops a pure-exchange model to study the consumption-portfolio problem of an agent who acts as a non-price-taker, and to analyze the implications of his behavior on equilibrium security prices. The non-price-taker is modeled as a price leader in all markets; his price impact is then recast as a dependence of the Arrow-Debreu prices on his consumption, allowing a tractable formulation. Besides the aggregate consumption, the endowment of the non-price-taker appears as an additional factor in driving equilibrium allocations and prices. Comparisons of equilibria between a price-taking and a non-price-taking economy are carried out.

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Received: March 29, 1996; revised version October 29, 1996

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Basak, S. Consumption choice and asset pricing with a non-price-taking agent. Economic Theory 10, 437–462 (1997).

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