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Table 2 Subsequent osteoporotic fracture rate and time to onset

From: The risk of subsequent osteoporotic fractures is decreased in subjects experiencing fracture while on denosumab: results from the FREEDOM and FREEDOM Extension studies

 FREEDOM analysis (3 years)FREEDOM + Extension analysis (10 years)
Placebo N = 438Denosumab N = 272Combined denosumab N = 794
Subject-years of follow-up532.3357.22497.5
Subjects with ≥ 1 subsequent fracture, n (%)54 (12.3)24 (8.8)144 (18.1)
Exposure-adjusted subsequent fracture rate, per 100 subject-years10.16.75.8
Median time to subsequent fracture since first incident fracture among subjects with ≥ 1 subsequent fracture, years1.00.81.9
  1. N subjects who received ≥ 2 doses of investigational product, had an osteoporotic fracture on treatment, and remained on study post-fracture, n number of subjects