Urethral diverticulum in pregnancy: a case report


Introduction and hypothesis

Urethral diverticulum in pregnancy is a rare finding and difficult to diagnose. The classical triad of dysuria, dyspareunia and dribbling of urine is found in a minority of women.


A young woman presented during the first trimester of pregnancy with vaginal and suprapubic pain as well as voiding difficulty. Ultrasound demonstrated a 2-cm hypoechoic lesion to the left of the urethra. She went on to have a cystoscopy that demonstrated a diverticulum. She was found to have chlamydia on PCR.


Her pregnancy was complicated by recurrent admissions for pain and also an episode of reactive arthritis. She underwent an uncomplicated surgical excision postpartum.


Urethral diverticula should be excluded whenever a patient exhibits unresolved, nonspecific urinary problems. This is an underdiagnosed problem. Pregnancy presents additional challenges, but does not preclude medical or surgical treatment in the patient with significant symptoms.

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  • Urethral diverticulum
  • Pregnancy
  • Reactive arthritis
  • MRI
  • Diverticulectomy