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Table 2 Structures used for plication

From: Anterior colporrhaphy: a standard operation? Systematic review of the technical aspects of a common procedure in randomized controlled trials

Layer Number of studies (N = 40)
Fibromuscular layer 6
Pubocervical fascia 10
Endopelvic connective tissue 3
Vesicovaginal fascia 2
Pubovesicocervical fascia 1
Pubocervicovaginal fascia 1
Endopelvic fascia 1
Endopelvic fascia (fibromuscular layer) 1
Prevesical tissue 1
Underlying muscularis 1
Vesical connective tissue 1
Vesicovaginal muscularis tissue 1
Double layer: posterior wall of the bladder and paravesical fascia 1
Bladder 1
No information 9