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Posture and micturition: does it really matter how a woman sits on the toilet?

  • Ajay Rane
  • Jay IyerEmail author
Clinical Opinion


The position that we adopt to evacuate “waste matters” may potentially have an impact on the efficiency with which these are expelled. Proponents of squatting have eloquently described associated “health benefits” and have hinted that nonsquatters may be prone to urological, gynecological, and colorectal disorders. In this original piece of research, the effects of posture on micturition have been studied in various positions with interesting results.


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Conflicts of interest

Prof. Rane acts a Consultant for the American Medical Systems (MN) and receives an honorarium, but does not receive royalties. and as Director of Duneze Pty Ltd (patent, royalties, honorarium, shares). Dr Jay Iyer acts a Consultant for the American Medical Systems (MN) and receives an honorarium, but does not receive royalties.


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  1. 1.The Townsville & Mater Hospitals, Department of Ob-GynJames Cook UniversityTownsvilleAustralia

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