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Book reviews

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Book reviews

C. Montalvo Corral (2002) Environmental Policy and Technological Innovation. Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, ISBN 1-84064-957-7 The author seeks to investigate theoretically and empirically the reluctance of companies to introduce ‘clean technologies’ i.e. integrated environmental protection technologies. This investigation is done by finding answers to the following research questions: (i) Is it possible to bridge the gap between the individualistic objectives of firms and the socially motivated environmental protection objectives? (ii) What causes the objectives to be potentially conflicting? (iii) How can such a conflict of objectives be solved?

The author combines observations from the economics of innovation and behavioral psychology. Correspondingly, he considers the companies’ actions to be influenced by both external structural conditions and internal cognitive elements. The author subsumes the external structural conditions under the term ‘techno-economic regime’. This is combined...

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