Journal of Evolutionary Economics

, Volume 12, Issue 3, pp 283–306 | Cite as

Stimulating diffusion of green products

  • Marco A. Janssen
  • Wander Jager
Original paper


This paper presents a model-based analysis of the introduction of green products, which are products with low environmental impacts. Both consumers and firms are simulated as populations of agents who differ in their behavioural characteristics. Model experiments illustrate the influence of behavioural characteristics on the success of switching to green consumption. The model reproduces empirical observed stylised facts and shows the importance of social processing and status seeking in diffusion processes. The flexibility of firms to adapt to new technology is found to have an important influence on the type of consumers who change their consumption to green products in the early phase of the diffusion process.

Key words: Diffusion processes – Consumer behaviour – Social networks – Service economy 
JEL Classification: D11, D21 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Marco A. Janssen
    • 1
  • Wander Jager
    • 2
  1. 1.Center for the Study of Institutions, Population, and Environmental Change (CIPEC), Indiana University, 408 North Indiana Avenue, Bloomington, IN 47408, USA (e-mail: US
  2. 2.Faculty of Business, Department of Marketing, University of Groningen, Landleven 5, 9700 AV Groningen, The Netherlands (e-mail: NL

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