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Performance assessment of the relative gravimeter Scintrex CG-6

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The new-generation relative gravimeter Scintrex CG6 is put on the test bench: Its performance is compared to its predecessor, the Scintrex-CG5. A CG5 Scintrex and a CG6 Scintrex were both submitted to the same rigorous tests, which have been developed in recent years to highlight some defects of the CG5. The results show that the CG6 always performs better than the CG5. For instance, the instrumental drift is 5 times smaller for the CG6 than for the CG5. In the tidal bands, the noise level of the CG6 is 3 times lower than of the one of the CG5. We confirmed the tilt susceptibility of the CG5 and found that the CG6 is barely affected by long duration tilts before taking measurements. Unlike the CG5, the CG6 measurements are not influenced by external temperature variations. Overall, the CG6 provides more precise and stable gravity measurements compared to the CG5.

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I am grateful to Ing. Gilbert Klein and Ing. Marc Seil of the University of Luxembourg for the support they provided during the experiments. I also thank my daughter Sophie Francis for editing the draft of the paper. I wish to express my gratitude to the three reviewers and the associate editor for excellent and constructive suggestions.

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O.F. designed and performed the experiments. He did the interpretation of the results and wrote the paper.

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Correspondence to O. Francis.

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  • Spring gravimeter
  • Scintrex CG5 and CG6
  • Susceptibility to tilt
  • Sensitivity to temperature
  • Hysteresis
  • Precision