1 Erratum to: J Geod DOI 10.1007/s00190-015-0842-0

The translations and translation rates from the transformation between the GNSS-only solution with respect to ITRF2008 presented in Table 5 of the original article are incorrect. The correct numbers can be found in Table 5 presented in the following page. The newly provided values do not alter the conclusion presented in the original paper. The authors are very thankful to Matt King for his special attention and pointing to this issue.

Table 5 Transformation parameters of a 14-parameter Helmert transformation (translation \(T_X \), \(T_Y \), \(T_Z \), rotation \(R_X \), \(R_Y \), \(R_Z \), scale D and their temporal changes with their corresponding standard deviations) at the reference epoch \(t_0 = 01.01.2005\) and the standard deviation \(s_0 \) of the transformation between the ITRF2008 (Altamimi et al. 2011) and the GNSS-only, SLR-only (top table) and the combined (GNSS+SLR) solution (bottom table)