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Testing the effect of an anti-dumping duty: The US salmon market


Anti-dumping measures have been increasingly common. When imposed, the measures will always reduce trade with named countries. Depending on market structure, there can also be price effects and increased imports from non-named countries. In this paper we investigate relationships between prices to obtain information about the market structure. Using only prices will in many cases be an advantage because of the greater availability of price data. An empirical example is provided using the US case against Norwegian salmon.

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First version received: April 1999/Final version received: May 2000

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Asche, F. Testing the effect of an anti-dumping duty: The US salmon market. Empirical Economics 26, 343–355 (2001).

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  • Key words: Anti-dumping
  • cointegration
  • salmon
  • market integration
  • JEL classification: F13
  • Q17