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Table 1 Descriptive statistics

From: Sick of family responsibilities?

Age27.44.429.64.9− 2.23.77
Income (SEK)152,02380,386200,066106,074− 48,043108,404
Education (years)
Sick leave (days/months)
Hospitalization (days/months)0.030.520.020.520.010.74
  1. The first child is born in month \(t=0\), age is measured in \(t=0\), and income, education, sick leave, and hospitalization in \(t=-24\). Income is measured in SEK in 2008 prices. The December 2008 exchange rate was approximately 7.9 SEK/USD. Education is measured in theoretical years of education using the official Swedish SUN classification, which roughly follows the international ISCED 97 standard. Sick leave and hospitalization are measured in days per month