Table 3 Parameters for calculating permanent disability benefits in Spain

From: Estimating the income loss of disabled individuals: the case of Spain

  Ordinary illness Work-unrelated accident Work-related accident or professional illness
Eligibility Age \(\ge \) 31: contributed 1/4 time between 20 years old and disabling condition. Minimum of 5 years No minimum contributory period required No minimum contributory period required
  Age \({<}30\): contributed 1/3 time between 16 years old and disabling condition. No minimum number of years required   
Regulatory base Average wage last 8 years of work Average annual wage of 24 months within the last 7 years of work Average wage last year of work
Percentage applied to the regulatory base Partial disability: 55 % individuals older than 55 with difficulties finding a job due to lack of education or the characteristics of the social and labour market of the region where they live: 75 %
  Total disability: 100 %
  Severe disability: \(100+50\,\%\)