Preliminary test estimation in system regression models in view of asymmetry

  • J. Kleyn
  • M. Arashi
  • S. Millard
Original Paper


In this paper, we consider the system regression model introduced by Arashi and Roozbeh (Comput Stat 30:359–376, 2015) and study the performance of the feasible preliminary test estimator (FPTE) both analytically and computationally, under the assumption that constraints may hold on the vector parameter space. The performance of the FPTE is analysed through a Monte Carlo simulation study under bounded and or asymmetric loss functions. An application of the so-called Cobb–Douglas production function in economic modelling together with the results from the simulation study shows that the bounded linear exponential (BLINEX) loss function outperforms the linear exponential loss function (LINEX) by comparing risk values.


Asymmetric loss BLINEX loss Feasible estimator Preliminary test estimator Seemingly unrelated regression model System regression model 



The authors would like to thank the co-editor and referee for their valuable comments which significantly improved the standard of the paper. This work is based on the research supported in part by the National Research Foundation of South Africa for the Grant TTK1206151317. M. Arashi’s research is supported in part by the National Research Foundation of South Africa (Ref. CPRR160403161466 Grant No. 105840). Any opinion, finding and conclusion or recommendation expressed in this material is that of the author(s) and the NRF does not accept any liability in this regard.

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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Department of Statistics, Faculty of Natural and Agricultural SciencesUniversity of PretoriaPretoriaSouth Africa
  2. 2.University of PretoriaPretoriaSouth Africa
  3. 3.Shahrood University of TechnologyShahroodIran

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