Al2O3 Ceramics Preparation by LOM (Laminated Object Manufacturing)

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Al2 O3 ceramics green tape of 0.7 mm thickness was fabricated by a roll-forming technique. Ceramic green parts were formed by LOM (laminated object manufacturing), a kind of RP (rapid prototyping) technique. Final products were produced by a pressureless sintering process. Thermal analysis and SEM microstructure analysis of green tape were carried out to decide on the best process for removing the binder. Using a SEM, the microstructure of the ceramic parts was analysed. The mechanical properties of the parts were also analysed.

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Zhang, Y., He, X., Du, S. et al. Al2O3 Ceramics Preparation by LOM (Laminated Object Manufacturing). Int J Adv Manuf Technol 17, 531–534 (2001).

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  • Keywords:Ceramics; Laminated object manufacturing; Rapid prototyping