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Digital twin and its applications: A survey

  • Published:
The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology Aims and scope Submit manuscript


Digital twin is a technology that integrates multi-physical, multi-scale, and multi-disciplinary attributes. At the same time, it has the characteristics of real-time synchronization, faithful mapping, and high fidelity. It can realize the interaction and integration of physical world and information world. In recent years, digital twin technology has attracted the attention of academic and business circles, especially its application. Based on this background, this paper summarizes the concept and evolution of digital twin, studies the application tools and platforms of digital twin, and discusses the relationship between digital twin and related technologies. Then we focus on the application scenarios of digital twin, and summarize the new trends and requirements of digital twin application. The purpose of this paper is to provide reference for the practice of digital twin concept and technology in related fields in the future.

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This work received financial support from the Tianjin Municipal Education Commission (grant no. 2017KJ057).

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