Correction to: Feature shape complexity: a new criterion for the simplification of feature-based 3D CAD models

  • Soonjo Kwon
  • Duhwan Mun
  • Byung Chul Kim
  • Soonhung HanEmail author

Correction to: Int J Adv Manuf Technol

In the original publication, the surface complexity (\( {C}_S^i \)) of F1 presented in Fig. 4 was incorrectly calculated. The correct image of Fig. 4 is given below and the correct explanation in the paragraph for Fig. 4 is also presented below.
Fig. 4

Element complexities of two similar features

In the 5th paragraph of the sub clause ‘3.2 Element complexity’, the correct explanation for Fig. 4 is presented below.

“Figure 4 shows a comparison of the CEi of two hexahedral features. F0 consists of six planes and 12 straight lines, and F1 consists of four planes, two cylindrical surfaces, eight straight lines, and four arcs. Therefore, F0 has a smaller CEi than F1. Suppose these features have the same volume. Then, the FSC of the features will be FSC0 = (1/0.857)(1 + 0.857) = 2.167 and FSC1 = (1/1)(1 + 1) = 2 (i.e., FSC0 > FSC1). Hence, F1 will be removed first, because a feature with a higher CEi affects the data size of the original model to a greater extent. The introduction of FSC is closely related to the main purpose of research on simplification, where the aim is to preserve the outer shape of the original model and minimize the data size simultaneously.”


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