Effect of swirling abrasives induced by a novel threaded nozzle in machining of CFRP composites

  • S. Madhu
  • M. Balasubramanian


This paper attempts at investigation of the feasibility of imparting a swirling motion to abrasive particles by introducing internal threads in the nozzle. In this investigation, a novel internal threaded nozzle was introduced in the abrasive jet machine to make holes on the carbon fiber reinforced polymer composites with the objective of reducing the machining time. This is a unique attempt of its kind and this innovation has brought down the machining time considerably and, as a consequence, higher material removal rate was obtained. Carbon fiber reinforced polymer composites are inhomogeneous and coarse in nature, and hence, the ease of machining and the machining time are always challenging. A morphological study was also made using an optical microscope to find the kerf width and kerf angles. The effect of two different nozzles on machining time, material removal rate, and kerf analysis on the carbon fiber reinforced polymer composite was investigated. It was found that machining time was reduced by 92% with novel internal threaded nozzle. The nozzle with internal threads also reduced the kerf angle of the machined hole.


Abrasive Jet Novel Thread Fluid Time Kerf Angle 



The authors wish to acknowledge the support rendered by Dr. T.G. Loganathan, Centre for Composite Fabrication and Testing, Department of Mechanical Engineering, R.M.K. College of Engineering and Technology, Puduvoyal, Tamilnadu for fabrication of composite laminates.


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Saveetha School of EngineeringChennaiIndia
  2. 2.R.M.K College of Engineering and TechnologyThiruvallurIndia

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