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A preliminary study on the feasibility of forward extrusion with variable angular cross section

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This study aimed to present a novel method in the forward extrusion. In this study, the cross section of die aperture is engineered to smoothly change during the process, from a triangle shape to square shape. This novel method has been experimentally tested, and the feasibility of the process has been demonstrated. The process is numerically studied by finite element method, and the results correspond to the experimental ones. The possibility of producing products with complex variable cross section along the length has been proved by experimental results. The results showed that more homogeneous distribution of the effective strain is achieved while the extrusion speed is increased during the process.

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Najafi, M., Manafi, B. & Mohammadi, M.R. A preliminary study on the feasibility of forward extrusion with variable angular cross section. Int J Adv Manuf Technol 92, 1081–1091 (2017).

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