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Face milling for hypoid internal bevel gear using new type of tilt milling machine


To improve the machining efficiency, a new model is set up in this paper, which could machine hypoid internal bevel gears by using the tilt cutting method. An algorithm is developed to calculate the processing parameters. Unlike the traditional tilt structure machines, the tilt drum of the new model can only be adjusted in a vertical plane. Firstly, according to its special structure, the machine tool mathematical model is built. Then, the tilt angle is calculated and converted into a machine root angle and machine tilt angle equivalently. Based on the principle that the unit normal vector of the internal bevel gear tooth surface should be equal to that of hypoid gear at the reference point, the pressure angle and spiral angle of the internal bevel gear are calculated. Moreover, by adjusting the cutter position and machine root angle, the pressure angle of the shape gear is revised, which greatly extended the universality of the cutter. Finally, the cutter position affected by tilt angle is compensated. To demonstrate the performance of the proposed method, cutting simulation is carried out and the processing experiment is conducted. The results indicate that the simulation model and the actual model are basically in line with the theoretical model, which verifies the feasibility of the proposed processing method.

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  • Hypoid internal bevel gear
  • Tilt milling machine
  • Parameters calculation
  • Cutting simulation
  • Machining experiment