Surface integrity of Inconel 718 in high-speed electrical discharge machining milling using air dielectric

  • Yang Shen
  • Yonghong LiuEmail author
  • Hang Dong
  • Kun Zhang
  • Lin Lv
  • Xianzhi Zhang
  • Xinlei Wu
  • Chao Zheng
  • Renjie Ji


This paper proposes a novel, efficient, and environmental friendly machining method named high-speed dry electrical discharge machining (EDM) milling. The material removal rate of this method is much higher than that of conventional EDM and is also higher than that of traditional mechanical machining method for materials that are “difficult to machine.” Nickel-based superalloy Inconel 718 is widely used in the aerospace field as its surface integrity exerts significant effects. In this study, the microscopic characteristics, such as surface roughness, re-solidified layer, micro-hardness, micro-crack, and micro-void, of the machined Inconel 718 in high-speed EDM milling using air dielectric were studied compared with those using liquid dielectric. The formation mechanism of the microscopic characteristics was revealed. Experimental results showed that the machined Inconel 718 in high-speed EDM milling using air dielectric exhibited smaller surface roughness, thinner thickness of re-solidified layer, and smaller and less micro-cracks compared with those using liquid dielectric. Theoretical and technical foundations were laid for the industrial application of this novel machining method.


Surface integrity Inconel 718 High-speed machining Air EDM 


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  • Xianzhi Zhang
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  • Chao Zheng
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  • Renjie Ji
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  1. 1.College of Mechanical and Electronic EngineeringChina University of PetroleumQingdaoChina
  2. 2.Capital Spaceflight Machinery CompanyChina Academy of Launch Vehicle TechnologyBeijingChina
  3. 3.China Academy of Launch Vehicle TechnologyChina Aerospace Science and Technology CorporationBeijingChina

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