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The decoupling visual feature extraction of dynamic three-dimensional V-type seam for gantry welding robot


During the welding manufacturing of a circular pressure vessel, the V-type seam’s position relative to welding torch varies dramatically due to the seam curvature change or axial asymmetry movement. Thus, a decoupling visual seam detection method for a 3-axes gantry welding robotis developed to implement automatic welding. Firstly, a visual system with laser structured light is developed to measure the deviation between the torch and welding seam in horizontal and vertical directions. Secondly, a multiple peak detection algorithm for laser profile is proposed to overcome the interference in high strength reflection area. Then, a decoupling visual detection algorithm is presented to gain approximately uncoupled relationship between the image feature and the movement of adjustment mechanism. Finally, in a gantry robot system, some experiments that verify the proposed methods are well illustrated with satisfactory performance.

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