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Experimental and theoretical analysis of friction stir welding of Al–Cu joints


This paper presents a study of friction stir welding of aluminium and copper using experimental work and theoretical modelling. The 5083-H116 aluminium alloy and pure copper were successfully friction-stir-welded by offsetting the pin to the aluminium side and controlling the FSW parameters. A theoretical analysis is presented along with key findings. The process temperatures are predicted analytically using the inverse heat transfer method and correlated with experimental measurements. The temperature distribution in the immediate surroundings of the weld zone is investigated together with the microstructures and mechanical properties of the joint. This was supported by a finite element analysis using COMSOL Multiphysics. In this study, two rotational speeds were used and a range of offsets was applied to the pin. The microstructure analysis of the joints was undertaken. This revealed some particles of Cu inclusion in the nugget zone. The energy dispersive spectroscopy showed a higher diffusion rate of aluminium towards the interface while copper maintained a straight base line.

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