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Effect of vibration after filling on mechanical reliability in thin wall investment casting with fillability filling regime—part 1


A vibration technique is used in this study to explore the effect of low frequency vibration on the mechanical reliability of Al-7Si-Mg castings. The quality of castings is related to the number and the size of porosity and oxide film in thin wall investment casting. The quality of each method of casting (casting with and without vibration) was assessed by the density of the defects within the thin strips. Weibull distribution function is used to analyze the tensile strength data. The Weibull modulus is applied as a criterion to assess the mechanical reliability to identify the optimized casting condition. The results show that the effect of the vibration on the mechanical reliability is markedly dependent on acceleration of vibration, and the Weibull modulus is in the range of 12 to 12.7 when the acceleration is in range of 0 to 1 g; however, in more than 1 g, the range is 30–35.


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