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New friction welding process for pipeline girth welds—welding time optimisation


A promising new welding method for fully automatic joining of pipelines has been developed. The proposed welding procedure is a new variant of the conventional friction welding process. A rotating intermediate ring is used to generate the heat necessary to realise the weld. In the first part of this paper, the working principles of the welding process are described. The optimisation of the duration of the friction phase for welding pipes in the material API-5L X42 with an outer diameter of 88.9 mm and a wall thickness of 7.6 and 10.0 mm is discussed. The use of two welding ring materials is discussed, namely a quenched and tempered steel and a normalised fine-grained steel.

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  • Friction welding
  • Pipelines
  • Parameter optimization
  • Welding time