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Management of anterior cruciate ligament revision in adults: the 2022 ESSKA consensus part I—diagnostics and preoperative planning



The aim of this ESSKA consensus is to give recommendations based on evidence and expert opinion to improve diagnosis, preoperative planning, indication and surgical strategy in ACL revision.


The European expert surgeons and scientists were divided into four groups to participate in this consensus. A “literature group” (four surgeons); “steering group” (14 surgeons and scientists); “rating group” (19 surgeons) and finally “peer review group” (51 representatives of the ESSKA-affiliated national societies from 27 countries). The steering group prepared eighteen question–answer sets. The quality of the answers received grades of recommendation ranging from A (high-level scientific support), to B (scientific presumption), C (low level scientific support) or D (expert opinion). These question–answer sets were then evaluated by the rating group. All answers were scored from 1 to 9. The comments of the rating group were incorporated by the steering group and the consensus was submitted to the rating group a second time. Once a general consensus was reached between the steering and rating groups, the question–answer sets were submitted to the peer review group. A final combined meeting of all the members of the consensus was held to ratify the document.


The literature review for the diagnosis and preoperative planning of ACL revision revealed a rather low scientific quality. None of the 18 questions was graded A and six received a grade B. The mean rating of all the questions by the rating group was 8.4 ± 0.3. The questions and recommendations are listed below.


ACL revision surgery is a widely debated subject with many different opinions and techniques. The literature reveals a poor level of standardisation. Therefore, this international consensus project is of great importance.

Level of Evidence


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The acknowledgement goes to all members of the rating group: Corrado Bait, Etienne Cavaignac, Riccardo Cristiani, Markas Fiodorovas, Gijs Helmerhorst, Christian Hoser, Mustafa Karahan, George Komnos, Koen Carl Lagae, Vincenzo Madonna, Eduardo Monaco, Juan Carlos Monllau, Matthieu Ollivier, Mikko Ovasaka, Wolf Petersen, Tomasz Piontek, James Robinson, Kristian Samuelson, Sven Scheffler, Bertrand Sonnery-Cottet, the ESSKA office (special thanks to Anna Hansen for administrative support) and to Judy C Mac Donald (proof reading) as well as the peer reviewers of the affiliated national societies (BAKAST, BKS, AOTBIH, CSSTA, SAKS, EASTS, FAKA, SFA, GASSA, AGA, GOTS, DKG, HAA, SIAGASCOT, LAKAS, LIROMS, NVA, NAA, PTA, SPAT, SPOT, SRATS, ASTAOR, RKA, ASTAS, SSASST, SEROD, AEA, SETRADE, SFAIM, TUSYAD, BOSTAA) for their review.


The consensus project was endorsed by the European Society for Sports Traumatology, Knee Surgery and Arthroscopy (ESSKA).

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