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Sonographic evaluation of anterior inferior iliac spine morphology demonstrates excellent accuracy when compared to false profile view

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Knee Surgery, Sports Traumatology, Arthroscopy Aims and scope



To compare ultrasound examination to false profile radiographs in identification and classification of AIIS morphology. The study hypothesis stated that sonographic imaging of the AIIS correlates well to AIIS morphology seen on false profile radiographs.


Fifty-three hips in 30 consecutive patients met the inclusion criteria. A single, fellowship trained, orthopedic surgeon performed an ultrasound on all of the patients to evaluate the AIIS morphology. The patients underwent standing false profile radiographs. The US and radiographic images were independently reviewed and classified according to Hetsroni classification of AIIS morphology by two senior, fellowship trained, orthopedic surgeons. Agreement between the two raters was calculated for each imaging modality (inter-rater agreement) as well as the agreement between the rating in each modality by the same rater (“inter-method” agreement).


 The agreement between the raters (inter-rater agreement) for morphologic evaluation of the AIIS by means of FP view was 88.8% (p < 0.001) and that by means of US was 81.5%(p < 0.001). The overall accuracy of the US compared to the FP view was 92.3% (48/52) for both rater 1 and 2.


 This study showed near-perfect agreement in analyzing the morphology of the AIIS in a group of patients with hip pathology. Office sonographic evaluation of the AIIS is reliable and, therefore, may be routinely utilized in the clinic setting avoiding unnecessary radiation exposure to the patient.

Level of evidence

Level II.

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