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Higher re-rupture rate in quadriceps tendon ACL reconstruction surgeries performed in Denmark: let’s return to the mean

A Letter to the Editor to this article was published on 06 May 2020

The Original Article was published on 22 October 2019

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Anterior cruciate ligament


Quadriceps tendon


Hamstring tendon


Propensity score matching


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CJ and RS have made substantial contributions to acquisition of data, analysis and interpretation of data. EC, RP and JC have been involved in drafting the manuscript and revising it critically. MO has made substantial contributions to conception and design, acquisition of data, analysis and interpretation of data.

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Correspondence to Matthieu Ollivier.

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Some of the authors disclosed potential conflict of interest.


No funding was required for this study.

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  • ACL reconstruction
  • Quadriceps tendon
  • Patellar tendon
  • Revision rate
  • Hamstring tendon