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Allograft tendons are a safe and effective option for revision ACL reconstruction: a clinical review

  • V. Condello
  • U. Zdanowicz
  • Berardo Di MatteoEmail author
  • T. Spalding
  • P. E. Gelber
  • P. Adravanti
  • P. Heuberer
  • S. Dimmen
  • B. Sonnery-Cottet
  • C. Hulet
  • M. Bonomo
  • E. Kon


Revision anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction remains a challenge, especially optimising outcome for patients with a compromised knee where previous autogenous tissue has been used for reconstruction. Allograft tissue has become a recognized choice of graft for revision surgery but questions remain over the risks and benefits of such an option. Allograft tendons are a safe and effective option for revision ACL reconstruction with no higher risk of infection and equivalent failure rates compared to autografts provided that the tissue is not irradiated, or any irradiation is minimal. Best scenarios for use of allografts include revision surgery where further use of autografts could lead to high donor site morbidity, complex instability situations where additional structures may need reconstruction, and in those with clinical and radiologic signs of autologous tendon degeneration. A surgeon needs to be able to select the best option for the challenging knee facing revision ACL reconstruction, and in the light of current data, allograft tissue can be considered a suitable option to this purpose.

Level of evidence IV.


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