Is overcorrection preferable for repair of degenerated articular cartilage after open-wedge high tibial osteotomy?




This study was performed to determine whether the overcorrected knee could obtain a higher ratio of articular cartilage repair in the medial compartment of the femorotibial joint after open-wedge high tibial osteotomy (HTO). The hypothesis of the study was that overcorrected knees had a higher ratio of articular cartilage repair than moderately corrected knees.


A total of 71 knees that underwent arthroscopy to evaluate the articular cartilage during open-wedge HTO and second-look arthroscopy were reviewed. The articular cartilage was classified as no repair or repair according to Koshino et al. Overcorrection was defined as knees with femorotibial angle ≤166°.


Second-look arthroscopy was performed 410 ± 64 days after HTO. Based on arthroscopic observations, 45 knees (63.4 %) showed no repair and 26 knees (36.6 %) showed repair. In terms of the ratio of cartilage repair, there was no difference between overcorrected knees with mean femorotibial angle of 165° ± 1° and moderately corrected knees with mean femorotibial angle of 170° ± 2° (n.s.).


No significant differences were found in the ratio of cartilage repair between overcorrected and moderately corrected knees.

Level of evidence

Retrospective comparative study, Level III.


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We thank Dr. Tomoyuki Mochizuki and Dr. Masayuki Shimaya for their support in drafting of the revised version of the manuscript.


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