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Soft tissue tumour causing coracoid impingement syndrome


Coracoid impingement syndrome results from subscapularis tendon entrapment between the humerus and the coracoid. This syndrome is an uncommon cause of shoulder pain that has many different aetiologies. Although synovial cysts have been reported as cause of coracoid impingement at this level, solid tumoural lesions are a rare cause of symptoms in this location. Two cases of benign soft tissue solid tumours are presented. Both patients developed symptoms compatible with coracoid impingement syndrome. The lesions were fully resected under arthroscopic visualization. Both patients had complete resolution of the symptoms and are asymptomatic at 2-year follow-up. Arthroscopic removal of benign soft tissue tumours that cause coracoid impingement syndrome has good results.

Level of evidence Case series with no comparison group, Level IV.

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