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Coracoid impingement: current concepts

  • Frank Martetschläger
  • Daniel Rios
  • Robert E. Boykin
  • J. Erik Giphart
  • Antoinette de Waha
  • Peter J. MillettEmail author


For many years, coracoid impingement has been a well-recognized cause of anterior shoulder pain. However, a precise diagnosis of coracoid impingement remains difficult in some cases due to the presence of multifactorial pathologies and a paucity of supporting evidence in the literature. This review provides an update on the current anatomical and biomechanical knowledge regarding this pathology, describes the diagnostic process, and discusses the possible treatment options, based on a systematic review of the literature. Level of evidence V.


Coracoid impingement Subcoracoid impingement Coracohumeral distance Coracohumeral interval 


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