Achilles tendon surgical revision with synthetic augmentation

  • L. Basiglini
  • R. Iorio
  • A. VadalàEmail author
  • F. Conteduca
  • A. Ferretti


In this paper we report about a 50-year-old patient who underwent a surgical revision procedure for rupture of the right Achilles tendon with the use of Ligastic® synthetic graft in 1995, and in which a strong reactive immune response took place over the graft 11 years after. As far as we know, this is the first case described in literature of long-term follow-up inflammatory reaction after the use of such augmentation grafts in Achilles tendon repair.


Achilles tendon rupture Synthetic augmentation Delayed inflammatory immune-response 


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  • R. Iorio
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  • A. Vadalà
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  • F. Conteduca
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  • A. Ferretti
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  1. 1.Orthopaedic Unit and “Kirk Kilgour” Sports Injury Centre, S. Andrea HospitalUniversity of Rome “Sapienza”Rome (RM)Italy

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