Epidemiologic, clinical and arthroscopic study of the discoid meniscus variant in Greek population

  • Anestis PapadopoulosEmail author
  • Alexandros Karathanasis
  • John M. Kirkos
  • George A. Kapetanos


This retrospective study was aimed to investigate the epidemiologic, clinical and arthroscopic features of discoid meniscus variant in Greek population. We reviewed the cases of 2,132 patients who underwent knee arthroscopy between 1986 and 2004 and diagnosis of discoid lateral meniscus was established in 39 patients with mean age of 31.7 ± 9.4 years old. Incidence of the discoid lateral meniscus variant was recorded at rate of 1.8% presenting no significant differences according to patient gender or lesion body side. Regarding the type of discoid dysmorphy, 23 cases attributed to complete type, 15 were incomplete and in one case, Wrisberg type was observed. Predictive values of the most commonly recorded physical signs in the clinical diagnosis of the discoid meniscus were analysed. Comparative evaluation of the long-term results of arthroscopic partial meniscectomy performed in patients with intact or torn discoid lateral meniscus and torn normally shaped lateral meniscus was carried out using Lysholm and IKDC scoring systems. Also, we investigated any correlation between dysmorphy type and tear pattern analysing the arthroscopic findings. Results demonstrated that the discoid meniscus lesion represents an atypical clinical entity in adults and no significant predictive value of the signs encountered in the clinical examination of the patients with discoid meniscus was observed. Clinical outcome after arthroscopic partial meniscectomy regarding the intact discoid meniscus group was superior in comparison with that of torn discoid meniscus cases. On other hand, no difference in the result of partial meniscectomy between discoid and normal lateral meniscus tear groups was found. No statistically significant relationship between the type of discoid menisci and tear pattern or incidence rate of concomitant intraarticular lesions was confirmed.


Discoid lateral meniscus Arthroscopic partial meniscectomy Tear pattern 


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