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Using formal reasoning on a model of tasks for FreeRTOS


FreeRTOS is an open-source real-time microkernel that has a wide community of users. We present the formal specification of the behaviour of the task part of FreeRTOS that deals with the creation, management, and scheduling of tasks using priority-based preemption. Our model is written in the Z notation, and we verify its consistency using the Z/Eves theorem prover. This includes a precise statement of the preconditions for all API commands. This task model forms the basis for three dimensions of further work: (a) the modelling of the rest of the behaviour of queues, time, mutex, and interrupts in FreeRTOS; (b) refinement of the models to code to produce a verified implementation; and (c) extension of the behaviour of FreeRTOS to multi-core architectures. We propose all three dimensions as benchmark challenge problems for Hoare’s Verified Software Initiative.

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