The application of numerical and analytical approaches for the determination of thermophysical properties of Al–Si–Cu–Mg alloys


Thermophysical properties are very important to simulate the behavior of materials. Computer simulations are low cost as compared to what is needed for physical simulations, as far as it normally requires only a computer, a model and a computer language. However, the accuracy of numerical simulations depends on the quality of the thermophysical properties used in the prediction of physical phenomena, such as fluid flow, heat transfer, alloy solidification and solid-state phase transformations. The thermophysical properties for pure metals are widely available in the literature; nevertheless, for multicomponent metallic alloys, this is not the case. In this paper, a novel definition of non-equilibrium Gibbs–Thomson coefficient is presented, and thermodynamics calculations are carried out based on analytical and numerical approaches for the prediction of: liquidus and eutectic temperatures, equilibrium and non-equilibrium latent heats of fusion, solid–liquid surface tensions, solid and liquid densities, equilibrium and non-equilibrium Gibbs–Thomson coefficients, viscosity and surface tension as a function of temperature of quaternary Al–Si–Cu–Mg alloys.

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The authors acknowledge the financial support provided by FAPERJ (The Scientific Research Foundation of the State of Rio de Janeiro), CAPES (Coordenação de Aperfeiçoamento de Pessoal de Nível Superior - Brasil - Finance Code 001) and CNPq (National Council for Scientific and Technological Development).

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  • Computational thermodynamics
  • Thermophysical properties
  • Quaternary Al–Si–Cu–Mg alloys
  • Gibbs–Thomson coefficient