Exact harmonic solutions to Guyer–Krumhansl-type equation and application to heat transport in thin films

  • K. Zhukovsky
  • D. Oskolkov
Original Article


A system of hyperbolic-type inhomogeneous differential equations (DE) is considered for non-Fourier heat transfer in thin films. Exact harmonic solutions to Guyer–Krumhansl-type heat equation and to the system of inhomogeneous DE are obtained in Cauchy- and Dirichlet-type conditions. The contribution of the ballistic-type heat transport, of the Cattaneo heat waves and of the Fourier heat diffusion is discussed and compared with each other in various conditions. The application of the study to the ballistic heat transport in thin films is performed. Rapid evolution of the ballistic quasi-temperature component in low-dimensional systems is elucidated and compared with slow evolution of its diffusive counterpart. The effect of the ballistic quasi-temperature component on the evolution of the complete quasi-temperature is explored. In this context, the influence of the Knudsen number and of Cauchy- and Dirichlet-type conditions on the evolution of the temperature distribution is explored. The comparative analysis of the obtained solutions is performed.


Non-Fourier heat conduction Guyer–Krumhansl equation Thin film Knudsen number 


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