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Multidisciplinary optimization of car bodies

Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization Aims and scope Submit manuscript

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Rising complexity of industrial development in the automotive industry is leading to a higher degree of interdisciplinarity, which is especially true in the virtual design area. New methods and solution procedures have to be evaluated and integrated in the overall process. For example, in car body design process, a new topic emerged recently: the multidisciplinary optimization of car bodies with respect to crash and NVH (noise, vibration, and harshness). Because rigorous evaluation of appropriate numerical algorithms is still missing, an intense study was realized at the research center of BMW. The results are summarized in this article. Four benchmarks have been studied: (a) a full vehicle model for NVH analysis, (b) a simplified multidisciplinary problem with a single crash case and linear statics and dynamics, (c) a lateral impact problem for multi-criteria optimization, and finally, (d) a small shape optimization problem was included to demonstrate the potential of transferring the results to the more complex problem of optimizations based on real changes in the shape of the structures. Because response surface methods have already been discussed in the literature and because of their failure in certain industrial cases, the focus was set on the evaluation of stochastic algorithms: simulated annealing, genetic and evolutionary algorithms were tested. Finally, a complete industrial multidisciplinary example from the current development process was studied for the validation of the results.

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