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The performance of immigrants in the Norwegian labor market


This paper tests the assimilation hypothesis with Norwegian data. Using both cross-section and cohort analyses, the results show that the 1970–1979 immigrant cohort experienced an earnings growth of about 11% between 1980 and 1990, when their earnings profile was compared to that of natives. This is lower than the 19% assimilation rate predicted by the cross-section method. On the contrary, the results reveal a rapid earnings divergence across cohorts, and between the 1960–1969 cohort and natives. It is also shown that the „quality” of successive immigrant waves has declined over time, thus biasing the cross-section estimates of assimilation.

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Received: 8 August 1995 / Accepted: 7 January 1997

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Hayfron, J. The performance of immigrants in the Norwegian labor market. J Popul Econ 11, 293–303 (1998).

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