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Intention to emigrate in transition countries: the case of Albania


We analyse the profile of potential emigrants from Albania using data from the Central and Eastern Europe Eurobarometer in 1992. Respondents were asked to rate on a four-point scale the likelihood that they would go to live in Western Europe. Our results show that intention to emigrate is correlated positively with males, education and certain occupations, and negatively with age. There is little relation between emigration and income. Those who support the introduction of a free market in Albania are also more likely to emigrate than those who do not.

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Received: 24 August 1998/Accepted: 17 April 2000

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Papapanagos, H., Sanfey, P. Intention to emigrate in transition countries: the case of Albania. J Popul Econ 14, 491–504 (2001).

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