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A Software-Optimized Encryption Algorithm


We describe the software-efficient encryption algorithm SEAL 3.0. Computational cost on a modern 32-bit processor is about 4 clock cycles per byte of text. The cipher is a pseudorandom function family: under control of a key (first preprocessed into an internal table) it stretches a 32-bit position index into a long, pseudorandom string. This string can be used as the keystream of a Vernam cipher.

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Received 3 May 1996 and revised 17 September 1997

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Rogaway, P., Coppersmith, D. A Software-Optimized Encryption Algorithm . J. Cryptology 11, 273–287 (1998).

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  • Key words. Cryptography, Encryption, Fast encryption, Pseudorandom function\linebreak[4] family, Software encryption, Stream cipher.