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A natural and synthetic corpus for benchmarking of hand gesture recognition systems

  • Javier MolinaEmail author
  • José A. Pajuelo
  • Marcos Escudero-Viñolo
  • Jesús Bescós
  • José M. Martínez
Original Paper


The use of hand gestures offers an alternative to the commonly used human–computer interfaces (i.e. keyboard, mouse, gamepad, voice, etc.), providing a more intuitive way of navigating among menus and in multimedia applications. This paper presents a dataset for the evaluation of hand gesture recognition approaches in human–computer interaction scenarios. It includes natural data and synthetic data from several State of the Art dictionaries. The dataset considers single-pose and multiple-pose gestures, as well as gestures defined by pose and motion or just by motion. Data types include static pose videos and gesture execution videos—performed by a set of eleven users and recorded with a time-of-flight camera—and synthetically generated gesture images. A novel collection of critical factors involved in the creation of a hand gestures dataset is proposed: capture technology, temporal coherence, nature of gestures, representativeness, pose issues and scalability. Special attention is given to the scalability factor, proposing a simple method for the synthetic generation of depth images of gestures, making possible the extension of a dataset with new dictionaries and gestures without the need of recruiting new users, as well as providing more flexibility in the point-of-view selection. The method is validated for the presented dataset. Finally, a separability study of the pose-based gestures of a dictionary is performed. The resulting corpus, which exceeds in terms of representativity and scalability the datasets existing in the State Of Art, provides a significant evaluation scenario for different kinds of hand gesture recognition solutions.


Hand gesture dataset Hand gesture recognition Pose-based Motion-based  Human–computer interaction 


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  • José A. Pajuelo
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  • Marcos Escudero-Viñolo
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  • Jesús Bescós
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  • José M. Martínez
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  1. 1.Video Processing and Understanding Lab Laboratorio C-111 EscuelaPolitécnica SuperiorUniversidad Autónoma de MadridMadridSpain

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