Severity of endothelial dysfunction is associated with the occurrence of hemorrhagic complications in COPD patients treated by extracorporeal CO2 removal

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Availability of data and material

Data are available from corresponding author on reasonable request.


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We thank Florence Desvard, Sebastien Bertil, Yann Burnel, Laurent Garcia and Aurore Habrias for their excellent technical assistance. We thank Clotilde Bailleul and Caroline Hauw-Berlemont for English language reviewing.


The study benefited from a grant from the Creative Research Fund (Air-Liquide Santé International).

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Correspondence to Jean-Luc Diehl.

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Dr. Diehl reports grants and non-financial research support from ALung, non-financial research support from General Electric Healthcare and personal fees and non-financial research support from Xenios/Novalung (Fresenius Medical Care), all outside the submitted work. Other reported no conflicts of interests.

Ethics approval

Treatment with ECCO2R was performed as part of a specific registry (Registry on the EXperience of Extracorporeal CO2 Removal in Intensive Care Units, NCT02965079), benefiting from an approval (07 March 2016) from the Ethics Committee of the French Intensive Care Society.

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Diehl, JL., Augy, J.L., Rivet, N. et al. Severity of endothelial dysfunction is associated with the occurrence of hemorrhagic complications in COPD patients treated by extracorporeal CO2 removal. Intensive Care Med 46, 1950–1952 (2020).

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