Table 1 CT and ultrasonographic features of COVID-19 pneumonia

From: Findings of lung ultrasonography of novel corona virus pneumonia during the 2019–2020 epidemic

Lung CTLung ultrasound
Thickened pleuraThickened pleural line
Ground glass shadow and effusionB lines (multifocal, discrete, or confluent)
Pulmonary infiltrating shadowConfluent B lines
Subpleural consolidationSmall (centomeric) consolidations)
Translobar consolidationBoth non-translobar and translobar consolidation
Pleural effusion is rare.Pleural effusion is rare
More than two lobes affectedMultilobar distribution of abnormalities
Negative or atypical in lung CT images in the super-early stage, then diffuse scattered or ground glass shadow with the progress of the disease, further lung consolidationFocal B lines is the main feature in the early stage and in mild infection; alveolar interstitial syndrome is the main feature in the progressive stage and in critically ill patients; A lines can be found in the convalescence; pleural line thickening with uneven B lines can be seen in patients with pulmonary fibrosis